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Here you will find topics & themes in which we have and want to play a progressive role. To our opinion these topics and themes are related to relevant developments in real estate, construction, design, and engineering.

BIM - Building Information Model
We use Building Information Modelling or BIM not only as a tool to model and engineer our designs in 3D, moreover we add the aspect of Building Information Management. Our BIM modelers have been trained to model in 3D, but also to add the aspects of time, cost and maintenance (4D, 5D, 6D) to engineer far beyond the scope of engineering. The exploitation of the building, Life-Cycle cost and long term maintanance programs are evenly important in our opinion. See the link on the left for more information.

CEE - Central & Eastern Europe Investments
Planning to internationalize your business? Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) may provide an interesting growth market for your company! But, you feel limited in the financial resources to make
it happen? And you require support to detail your investment plan from an architectural and engineering perspective? We have a two-in-one solution for you! See the link on the left for more information.