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Consultants, architects, building engineers

VandenBerg Group is an experienced group of consultants, architects and building engineers which operates nationally and internationally. We master all the disciplines of the building process. Our expertise is in demand on a very wide range of assignments. We work on projects in areas including living, re-use, utility, education, city center redevelopment, living, care and welfare.

Since the founding of the practice in 1967, VandenBerg Group has always responded to demand from the market. Currently, chain integration, 3D and 4D BIM and sustainable, interactive design are high on our agenda.

Our core values are active, responsible, investigative and connective. Our staff have both feet on the ground and take a pragmatic and proactive attitude. We work in an interactive, cost-conscious and future-oriented manner.


Klaas van den Berg:
“Our aim is connecting, designing and virtual construction.”

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