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Real estate consulting

Consultants connect people.

Our consultants look for solutions together with different levels of government, clients and users. We take up the challenge of answering the question which has not been asked. We connect and share knowledge with people within an interactive process. In our opinion, this is the way to fulfil requirements and wishes in the best way possible when designing accommodations.

More and more, we see that the demand for accommodations is broader than is initially stated. Our consultants feel at home in complex issues which go beyond design. This complexity expresses itself, for example, in the integration of the organisational and financial elements when it comes to care & cure accommodations, but also in multi-year maintenance plans which, thanks to an approach based on sustainability and ‘total cost of ownership’, turns real estate maintenance into a strategic real estate plan.

VandenBerg Consultants combines real estate knowledge with a pragmatic and proactive attitude. Unburdening the customer is one of our most important tasks. This is not to say that customers no longer have a role. It does mean we actively support them with our expertise in finding and initiating the right solution. That is our approach to real estate consultancy.