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A second life

This is a pity, because the ultimate form of sustainability is to grant buildings a second life. Particularly if they are buildings with listed status or are in unique (city centre) locations, it is worthwhile considering conversion. Achieving that requires a lot of craftsmanship and the involvement of multiple specialisms.

VandenBerg Group has specialists in the area of re-use, renovation and restoration of buildings. Our consultants research the building history, set up a cost analysis, make a feasibility study and are able to bring together relevant parties. Our architects are capable of negotiating the tension between preserving the building’s historic value and adding new functions and technologies in order to achieve the most suitable design. Our building engineers will draw up a multi-year maintenance plan for the coming years so that the building can go for decades more in its new capacity. In this way, VandenBerg Group contributes to a sustainable society and promotes re-use of existing real estate.