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Were Di, Valkenswaard

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Were Di comprehensive school

Were Di comprehensive school offers pupils a choice of vmbo (vocational education), havo (general secondary education) and vwo (pre-university education) in a campus-style learning environment which enables ‘diverse’ learning. Diverse learning involves the use of multiple work forms, from classical and individual teaching to the completion of group assignments. Within the buildings, diverse learning has been facilitated by basing the teaching rooms on the concept of the square. Around each square, flexible teaching rooms for related subjects are clustered. Innovative and more traditional forms of teaching are possible side by side. Each building has a large void in its heart to give a lot of daylight. The void links the clusters and meeting spaces together.

In developing the unilocation, a choice was made for large organisational scale and small teaching scale. The location is a so-called ‘forest room’ on the northern edge of Valkenswaard. This room forms the palette on which the teaching buildings are linked as ‘pavilions in the green’. The way in which the buildings are placed frames the space and the quality of use between the buildings, creating a beautiful green space for the entire school between the sports building and the vocational education buildings.

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