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Druivenhof, Noordwijk

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Druivenhof client apartments

‘s Heeren Loo – West Netherlands is creating new care buildings on the Willem van den Bergh site in Noordwijk based on the concept of reverse integration. Reverse integration means that people from ordinary society go to live on institutional premises. The site is being realised in phases, with the new build for clients being carried out first. These are no standard sober pavilions built from cheap materi-als, but high-quality new build.

De Druivenhof consists of five separate care buildings for clients with serious multiple disabilities. The buildings are grouped around an inner courtyard, together forming a square with an open character. Each building consists of several floors, which means that clients also live upstairs; all the buildings therefore have lifts and each floor is provided with a generous roof terrace. An alternating aspect is achieved by the differences in height between the buildings. A maximum of six clients lives on every floor. The residents’ bedrooms have been placed around the living room, so creating a building without a front or rear.

The quality of De Druivenhof is also reflected in the materials used, which together give the buildings a warm and natural look. The façades are finished in red-brown brick, laid in a subtle pattern. The brick-work has been combined with light-coloured lacquered mahogany. Another special feature is the roof, finished with stone in various hues in a pattern representing the sea, dunes and sky.

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