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Trommelhof, Noordwijk

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Client apartments and day rooms

De Trommelhof, like De Druivenhof, is on ’s Heeren Loo’s Willem van den Bergh site in Noordwijk. The complex offers residential quarters and day rooms. Together, the buildings of De Trommelhof form an enclosed courtyard. The clients who live here want a closed and protected environment. In order to create a pleasant living environment for the clients, much use was made of colour and art in the design. For example, stained glass was used in the living rooms. Each apartment has its own patio, which is separated off with special wooden screens. In the courtyard, a beautiful herb garden was planted. The buildings which stand on the Willem van den Bergh site are built in a green environment. The bedrooms are situated around the shared living rooms and are directly adjacent to the park, giving the residents a beautiful view. The residential section is located on the ground floor and the day rooms on the first floor. A further special feature of De Trommelhof is the choice of materials. The building consists entirely of brick – even the sloping roofs are finished in this material.

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