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IMpact, Kampen

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Security in diversity

IMpact is a sheltered employment. The new headquarters is located in Kampen and symbolizes the state of diversity in activities, disciplines and people within the company. The building offers both a sense of belonging and security.

The plan of the building is based on the relationship between internal logistics and processes. In IMpact Kampen has more than 350 employees. The building has a large distribution area of 1000 m2. This is the backbone of the building. For this distribution area are around six working halls of each 500 m2 Despite the large-scale structure of the building, the architect has managed to create, for example by the sloping walls in the offices, a sense of intimacy and security. From the municipality it was given that the building had to get a rural character. Inside the building the rural character is united with the quirky. The colored windows in the gable ends of the office portion of IMpact characterize the diversity of activities, disciplines and people.

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