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Theatre, Sneek

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Oversight Theater

Alberts en Van Huut made a design for a new theatre in Sneek that opened its doors in 2012. The basis for the new building was the former TNT building in Sneek.

The interior of the building was completely hollowed out and equipped with a new interior, consisting of a theatre hall, changing rooms, foyers, restrooms and a courtyard. Alberts en Van Huut replaced the existing rigid façade with a transparent front, featuring jagged lines and a colourful entrance to go with the theatre’s surroundings. In the vision of the architects, the roof of this former post office should host a park that joins with the existing ‘green lung’ that meanders through surrounding neighbourhood.
Behind the roof-park is the 23 metre stage tower, where the jagged contours and transparency of the façade are clearly visible. According to the architects, the combination with natural materials such as glass, brick and bamboo as wall cladding, allows the theatre to form a natural unity.

Van den Berg Bouwkundigen oversees the activities of Bouwer Friso, from the city of Sneek. Close consultations with the municipality and the builder ensure a proper implementation of this supervision. Together we are working on the optimal quality of this particular design.

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