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North-South line, Amsterdam

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Metro Stations

Ceintuurbaan Station
This station will be located beneath the Ferdinand Bolstraat in the area known as de Pijp. Because of the narrow space between the foundations of the adjacent buildings, the station will have two levels, each with its own platform, one at 16.5 metres below sea level (NAP) and one at 26.5 metres below sea level. This makes this particular station the deepest of the North/South metro line. Because of this great difference in height, the platform will only be accessible via lifts and escalators. Fixed staircases will not be installed. The station will have two exits, one on the corner of the Albert Cuyp market and the Ferdinand Bolstraat (street) and one on the corner of the Ceintuurbaan and the Ferdinand Bolstraat.

Amsterdam Central Station
The intersection of the metro with the Amsterdam Central Station is a construction endeavour that is unequalled, both in terms of technicality and logistics. The construction of the metro station is in no way permitted to cause any damage to the central station building, since it was designed by Pierre Cuypers and is a national monument. In order to lay down subway line and the subway station underneath this monumental station, a number of innovations were used in the field of foundation engineering and underground construction.

Van den Berg Bouwkundigen, in collaboration with Benthem Crouwel Architects, delivered the execution drawings for both the stations at the Ceintuurbaan and the Central Station.

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