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Block 26 IJburg, Amsterdam

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Residential Complex with Commercial Spaces and Parking

Block 26 is built on one of the finest locations on Haveneiland (Port Island), between the IJ Lake and the Polygoongracht (Polygoon Canal). In addition to 141 apartments and 21 canal houses, this residential complex includes several commercial spaces on the ground floor, a spacious basement parking lot, and an enclosed courtyard. The view from block 26 is phenomenal. It stretches out to the north over the wide waters of the IJ Lake and to the south along the wide Polygoongracht. All this makes Block 26 one of the most appealing residential projects in IJburg.

Commissioned by Crepain Binst Architects, Van den Berg Bouwkundigen (Construction engineers) deliv-ered the preparatory blueprints, the building permit, the construction specifications and the building execution design.

Project information