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Cambium College, Zaltbommel

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School for Lower Secondary Vocational Education

The Cambium College is a school for lower secondary vocational education consisting of the education departments Technology, Health- and Social Care, ICT and Administration. The ambition is to develop a modern ‘trade school’, a school where a real profession can be learned, where ‘meeting and connecting’ are paramount. Such ambition deserves to be seen!

The practice rooms, situated on the ground floor and the first floor, are built to face the street, the showcases of the school, so to speak. The theory rooms are located on the other side on the first and second floor. An atrium reaches across all layers of the building and forms a natural connection between theory and practice as well as the different departments. The auditorium, with its broad staircase, stands is an open space extending to both the ground floor and the first floor. From the first floor of the auditorium you look out toward the distinctive tower of Zaltbommel. The design and materialization of the Cambium College are a ‘nod’ to the old trade school. Pure, real materials have been applied with love and care. The school is partly used by the ROC Rivor. This part of the school has its own entrance and private outdoor space, but the ROC does use the facilities of the Cambium College.

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