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Road District A28, Zwolle

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The Department of Public Works Road District A28

This new road district is located on the A28 (exit Ommen). The project involves both an old and new district office (located elsewhere in Zwolle), as well as a new support centre to replace the existing one. The new road district has the function to ensure mobility and safety on the highways under its supervision.

The project includes: an office building of 1040 m² (gross surface area), service areas of 600m² (net surface area), storage space for 2,500 tons of salt covering 1000m² (net surface area), storage space for spreaders (22 units), ploughing machines (35 units) and carts (10 units). The project covers a total built volume of approximately 5,500 m² (gross surface area). The desire of the RGD (Dutch Government Building Department) was to have everything under one roof.

In order to give expression to the unity, efficiency and effectiveness of The Department of Public Works (Rijkswaterstaat) as an organization, we chose the most compact structure possible in which to accom-modate the entire program.

It goes without saying that the roof would form the architectural theme, and this was also the request of the client. In addition to the enclosed sections of the building (office and service shed), both of which needed to be placed in close proximity to each other, the program requested an uninsulated roof to cover the salt depot and a 10m deep canopy over the docking stations for the spreaders and ploughs.

Since these docking stations comprise a significant part of the program, this canopy roof needs to cover roughly the area of a football field (42 x 110 m) – a very visually dominant feature.
This is one of the reasons to use the roof to organize the program, as well as to function as an eye catcher. In short, "everything under one roof". Since the location is also highly visible, both from the provincial road on the south side of the site and from the higher motorway A28, it was clear that the roof could be used as the architectonic theme.

The roof also offers the opportunity to express the image of effectiveness that The Department of Public Works wishes to convey. Everything finds its place under the roof, out of sight, which serves to strength-en the image of efficiency and effectiveness.
The free passage under the roof (minimum 4.5 m) was adopted as a rigid horizontal boundary surround-ing the entire structure. The roof itself lies as a ‘raincoat’ across all the rooms and facilities, and forms a kind of landscape, since it rises in accordance with the underlying functions that it protects.

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