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Housing Vlasroot, Zeeland

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Residential Area near the Mall

Kloosterstraat, 8 semi-detached homes in Vlasroot, Zeeland

The location of this plan is a residential area near the shopping centre of the village of Zeeland.
The proximity of the care centre Ouder Compostella was the reason to mainly build housing for seniors housing on this construction site.

The realized connected homes are one storey high and have been given a modest covering. The new buildings are kept apart from the yard separations or backyards of the existing homes. The master bedroom and bathroom are on the ground floor.

The houses are characterized by their light impression and large windows. The recessed façade-surfaces at each entrance distinguishes itself in terms of material and appearance. The fronts have wooden boards, in which both the entrance and storage doors have been almost seamlessly incorporated. This makes for a clear articulation of the individual homes. The individual homes are made further distin-guishable by having a specific shape to each ‘hood’, the surfaces of which have been coated with tiles, including those which hang vertically.

24 rental apartments in Vlasroot, Zeeland
A total of 24 homes for the rental sector were realized in two separate apartment buildings in 2012. The target population was seniors.

The apartment buildings have three storeys, whereby the upper transparent storey is placed back some-what and is provided with a roof terrace. The dark front and rear façades are relatively closed and feature slotted windows. The side walls are transparent and feature large balconies and sliding doors.

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