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Renovation and Replacement Building
The industrial area of Tinwerf is an appropriate location for the intermediate vocational education of “craftsmanship and technique.” Adjacent to this is the “training centre for construction and automotive technology”, which was initiated by the business sector. Both are now part of a coherent whole, in part because of the transformation of the façade .

In the existing situation, the workshops are all far removed from the classrooms. The classrooms have been housed separately in a high-rise section. The existing building is outdated and has poor insulation and temperature control.

After an extensive feasibility study we proposed, in consultation with the client, not only to substantially renovate the building (in technical terms of construction and climate) and to renew the façade , but also to thoroughly tackle the building internally, allowing for new educational concepts. Limited demolition and concentrated new constructions, created a greater concentration of workshops and theory rooms built around a central meeting place. Now there is much more room for an inspiring exchange and integration of knowledge and skills. The clustering of specific subject rooms, separated by a buffer of general education areas, means a commitment to flexibility and exchange.

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