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VMBO-school met sportgebouw

VMBO School (school for lower secondary professional education) with Sports Building
The shape of the school is largely inspired by the location and the specific school program. From the school there was the wish to give form to clearly separated junior-years and senior-years departments, where in addition to classroom teaching, there could also be practical training for the different study directions. Furthermore, it was particularly important to offer the students a safe, protected outdoor space, coupled with a dynamic recreational area.

The curvature of the adjacent road was harnessed in order to extend the building from the centre to both sides to form a ‘bow tie’ construction. The building thus accompanies the road and the widening of the building made spacious study areas possible on either ‘head’ of the structure.
Programmatically speaking, there is a school on the left, which offers the junior years, and a school on the right for the senior years. Both wings meet in the double storey space at the centre.

Thanks to the chosen column structure, with only weight-bearing walls near the stairwells and sanitary facilities, the school is extremely flexible. A number of non-bearing partitions have been kept completely moveable so they can be easily removed at a later date. The school has a balanced ventilation system with a high efficiency rate for heat recovery.

At a certain distance back from the school is a detached sports hall. In terms of urban planning, this feature together with the neighbouring church, delivers a balanced ‘granular’ size and transparency to the avenue. The sports hall is not only used by the school but also by clubs and organizations in the neighbourhood. The gym consists of two gyms separated by a retractable wall.

The sports hall was constructed using more modest materials, primarily in order to emphasize the school. The front construction of the sports hall consists of a semi-transparent façade with a vertical articulation. Through special lighting in the evening this forms a beacon on the Mgr. Nolenslaan, while during the day the movement of the athletes can be followed. The gyms are coated with untreated western red cedar wood.

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