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The bulk of the building is compact yet also light. By constructing atriums, vistas and skylights, a rela-tionship is consistently sought between the levels in the building and the surrounding environment. The compact layering of features makes the school dynamic and exciting, the air in the building allows for rest and relaxation. The chosen form provides for a favourable gross-net ratio and is thus energy effi-cient. The relationship with the landscape is strengthened by shaping the compact form of the building. Overhangs on the front create sheltered spaces while also giving the impression that the outdoor area flows inward. The notches at the top have been deployed in order to provide the top floor with sufficient daylight.

The façade is largely made up of a combination of narrow flat, coloured steel panels. The horizontal lines at the floor edges is the inlet for natural ventilation while this also hides the outdoor blinds. De-pending on the enclosed function, the façade is sometimes completely closed (gymnasiums) or more transparent. The auditorium/recreational area is entirely glazed. This is also where the smooth transi-tion from the inside to the outside is most tangible. This effect is further reinforced by having the material used for the outer wall continue into the building.

The façade accentuates the sculptural character of the entire compact form of the structure. The result is a quirky, distinctive image of the school in the ‘hidden forest room’. The façade treats the school as a coherent whole (after all, none of the departments is given a stronger profile over the others). In contrast with the sculptural abstraction of the outside, the inside is surprisingly open, transparent and spacious.

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