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CS, Utrecht

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Central station, Utrecht

The Public Transport Terminal will be the largest station of the Netherlands. The present station has about 65 million travellers per year. It is expected that this number will get to 100 million every year in the coming twenty years. In 2011 the activities at the station started and they will take about five years. From that moment on the station will be called a world station. The rebuilding of the station is one of the largest projects within the Masterplan Operation procedure station area.

Renewing of the whole station has been started although. The work for new platform roofs, building of the music palace and shopping centre Vredenburg is underway.

Van den Berg Bouwkundigen has, in cooperation with Benthem Crouwel Architects, made the implementation drawings for Utrecht Public Transport Station. Of course extra attention has been paid to the implementation of the steel construction and splices of the several bended materials.

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