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Klim-op, Kampen

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Ortopedagogy day centre

The Kllimop is an orthopedagogy day centre (ODC) for children and adults (of living facility The Stolpen). The ODC the Klimop is part of IJsselwelle. This foundation has a partnership with the domestic foundation ‘’Philadelphia Zorg’’. Van den Berg Architects IJsselmuiden signed for the design. It is a very special day centre, as children and adults with an intellectual or plural disability visit the day centre. The building has group rooms (6 for children and 2 for adults), therapeutic rooms, a swimming pool and offices. The ground plan is clarifying and by using of a patio there is also a lot of day light in the rooms. By expanding the traffic area in place of the patio ( service place wheel chairs) there are no long corridors nowhere. The inner spaces are light and structured there is a lot of attention for the finish of the interior. (healing environment).

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