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Windesheim, Zwolle

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Architectural sign work & estimate

The design of this building was made by Broekbakema. The new building of the move centre is part of the master plan of the campus in which all buildings are situated around a central green heart, existed of two layers. A shoe mould that joints all buildings internally and with a raised ground field that is completely arranged as a pedestrian area. The move centre is situated at the south side of the campus and shapes the transition between the central heart and the sport fields at the south of the campus. Thereby the building has two entrances as well. At the north side the entrance for students and employees who are coming from the campus and at the south side for people who are coming from the outside, like for visiting the therapy pool. The move centre is an increase of the existing sports complex and needs to have an inner connection with this complex. For future the old complex will be replaced and the new building will be part of a complete new sports complex together with the existing ‘television’.

Van den Berg Architecturals took care for this project from the architectural sign work and wrote also the estimate.

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