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Intimate décor

Our home is the most intimate décor for our personal life; it invites us to live. It is the centre of our world but it is also our gateway to the world. Literally so, of course, but these days our home is also a gateway to the digital, virtual world.

We, architects and our customers, must be aware that we are not merely designing an outer ‘envelope’ but helping to shape people’s lives. Where you live is how you live! A good home is a built structure in which the resident can create his own atmosphere and identity. It is no accident that garden cities from the thirties are still popular while the huge Bijlmermeer (Amsterdam) high-rise development has already been partly demolished.

In the design process, we weigh up and assign a clear place to ambition, culture, technology, local environment, energy, sustainability, regulations and economics. But that is not enough; we must never forget that the human need for a home is the starting point for all our efforts to create apartments and houses.