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A home with freedom of choice

In the last century, our work was shaped by the demands of budgetary neutral construction and the standard areas laid down by the College for Hospital Design and Construction (College Bouw Ziekenhuis-voorzieningen). This yielded properly functioning buildings delivered on-budget. Slowly, society’s vision changed with respect to care buildings. There was a desire to move away from the institutional atmosphere and fortunately there was a much greater focus on the experience of clients/residents themselves. The idea of a home from home is now much more important. Of course, we still make sure that optimum care is facilitated by a good lay-out of the building. For us, controlling construction costs goes without saying.

But there is more; the care building of today must form the décor for a group of fragile people. The building must become their home, so it needs to allow freedom of choice between contact and privacy. The whole ambience will have an impact on the wellbeing of its residents. The building and the outdoor spaces must offer people structure and stimulate all their senses.

The care sector is in the middle of a transformation process in which we are moving from standards to individual responsibility. As a result, the client, in partnership with us, has much more scope for a differentiated response to the highly pluriform demand from people who need care.

The quality of the dialogue we have with you on matters of detail will determine whether we are able to deliver a care building in which people feel at home and which continues to function properly over its entire technical lifespan; after all, too many care buildings are demolished prematurely. Together with you, we want to supply the best possible response to the complex demand which underlies each care building. This requires that we want and dare to work together critically. The building may be seen as the product of a process in which we have squeezed every last drop from our shared knowledge and expertise.