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Vibrant & Dynamic

This challenging and varied environment inspires and stimulates social cohesion. There needs to be space for adventure and relaxation. The building should be open, functional and transparent. It must be easy to understand at a glance with a clear structure, but also interesting and atmospheric thanks to the use of colour, materials and daylight.

The building must offer space to respond to the dynamic of education and changing insights, space for diverse educational concepts, now and in the future – from classical, front-of-class teaching to working autonomously and in small groups. The spatial plan must fit and yet be flexible, it must enable links, connections and interconnections, but also offer privacy and security. The building should be sustainable and have real future value thanks to the creation of open structures with logical multifunctional connections, the choice of high-quality (durable) materials and ‘smart’ integrated climate solutions.

The school should be anchored in and connected with society and the neighbourhood, woven into the immediate environment in a natural way. The space around the school needs to be attractive and inviting, with a natural transition from outdoor to indoor and from indoor to outdoor. It is precisely the connecting elements, the shared components and the peripheral areas which are important to the look, identity and atmosphere of the school. The logistics around the school need to be safe and easy to understand. The school should have a clearly recognisable identity, look and character. At the same time, it should be embedded in the urban planning and historical context. The building and its immediate environment should offer space to share and display knowledge, expertise and ideas.

The didactic vision and ambitions of the school form the basis for the plan. The school must be special and distinctive. The school must fit like a bespoke costume and yet leave room for changes. We therefore set great store by an inspirational and productive collaboration with users and clients. Together with the design team, all aspects of the construction and design process are introduced in an integrated manner at the earliest possible stage. This enables significant gains in time and added quality, within the budgetary constraints, which you see reflected in the school!