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City centre redevelopment

The dynamics of the city

A re-evaluation of the qualities of the city is underway. The government, too, recognises the importance of the city and in the Randstad 2040 Structural Vision has specified that in the Randstad (greater urban area around Amsterdam) alone, between half a million and a million new homes need to be built up until 2040.

When redeveloping existing real estate in an urban environment or in the centre of a village, many different interests come into play. There are complex land ownership issues and all kinds of environmental and other regulations to be dealt with. The trick is to transform the divergent perceptions of the different parties (municipality/developer/housing association) into common solutions by means of a passionate approach.

A team consisting of an architect and a real estate consultant from VandenBerg Group can direct this process. The consultant can manage the process and support communication between all the actors and encourage cooperation. We also contribute in a business sense, for example by putting forward users or market players. The architect is used to thinking in an integrated way and is able to creatively transform apparent contradictions into a design that enjoys broad support.